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University of Iowa

Member: Law Review (Note: Software Copyright Protection Since Feist; Comment: Extent PTO Guidelines Effect Software Patentability, In re Grams and In re Iwahashi)

Participant: Van Oosterhout Memorial Moot Court Competition

Legal Clinic: Summer 1992.

Research Assistant: Professor Alan I. Widiss (June 1992 to May 1993)

Intellectual Property Courses Taken: Entertainment Law, Copyrights, Antitrust, Licensing, Patent and Trade Secret Law, Patent Practice and Procedure.

Graduation Date: August 6, 1993.

Licensed to practice law in the State of Texas
Registered United States Patent Attorney
In private practice since May, 1994
Co-Author, Comprehensive Guide To U.S. And International Trademarks

Admitted to practice in the Federal District Courts in the Northern, Southern and Eastern Districts of Texas

Attended the 2010 Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) Congress in London

Attended the 2010 42nd Congress of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) in Paris

Attended the 2012 European Intellectual Property Forum in Brussels


University of Denver

Graduation Date: August 1983.


University of Denver

Courses which met Patent Bar requirements: Engineering Physics I & II, Electrical Circuits, Logic Circuits, Electrical Network Analysis, Electronic Devices, Computer Programming in C/C++, Computer Programming I & II (Pascal/Fortran), Data Processing with Cobol, Software Design Techniques, Assembler Language Programming, Programming Languages, Data Structures.

Graduation Date: May 1983.


melito, resume, law, lawyer, systems programmer, database, trademarks, copyrights, dba, idms, db2, udb, oracle, patents, software


  • Prepared two affidavits and gave in Court testimony as an expert witness in Australian Federal Court in the 2011 software copyright infringement trial held in Sydney between CA, Inc. v. Independent Systems Integrators
  • Member, International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)
  • Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE);
  • Member, American Bar Association;
  • Member, Toastmasters International;
  • Member, Cullinet/Computer Associates User's Association;
  • DU Honors Program Scholarship, Honors Curriculum, Coordinated Humanities Sequence Integrated Studies Program;
  • Member, Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) DU Student Chapter; Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honorary; Alpha Lambda Delta National Honors Fraternity; Received BS degree Cum Laude.


melito, resume, law, lawyer, systems programmer, database, trademarks, copyrights, dba, idms, db2, udb, oracle, patents, software


From May 1994 to the present.

Carl F. Melito, Attorney at Law, Dallas, Texas

Responsibilities: U.S. and International (Int'l) Patent and Trademark searches and prosecution; Patentability opinions; Business litigation; Respond to threats of litigation for various patent, copyright and other business matters; Have registered dozens of software copyrights and hold the copyright for a book, Comprehensive Guide to US and Int'l Trademarks (out of print since 1998); Prosecute apparatus, article of manufacture, business method and other software patent applications and transactional work before the USPTO (registered since February 1996); Correspondence work on behalf of business clients with intellectual property interests; IP contracts and licensing agreement drafting and negotiation; Negotiate the sale of pending patent applications, etc.; Filed Articles of Incorporation on behalf of various business clients and performed miscellaneous legal counseling for businesses and individuals; Prepare strategy papers for patent clients involving business policy, marketing plans, and preparation of contracts for the sale of goods along with warranties and disclaimers on patented products.

From March 1995 to March 2005.
Advanced Resources, Inc., Dallas, Texas

Legal Responsibilities: Filed original Articles of Incorporation in the State of Texas for the company; Filed Certificates of Authority for conducting business in Arizona, New York and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Filed various legal forms and performed necessary tax law research to set up the corporation under an "Accountable Plan" and as a Subchapter S Corporation; Filed all tax returns and annual and quarterly reports with various government agencies such as the Texas Workforce Commission, the States of AZ, NY and the Commonwealth of MA; Maintained the corporate books, including maintenance of all shareholder's meetings minutes, stock certificates, etc.; Sent cease and desist letters to unauthorized users of the company tradename throughout the State of Texas; Managed payroll; Negotiated and prepared all contracts for the company as in-house counsel; Prepared confidentiality agreements and other correspondence work for company employees.

Received Oracle Corporation's DBA Masters Certification (Most Recent Experience Oracle 9i).

Last IBM Courses Taken: DB2 Family Fundamentals; DB2 for OS/390 Database Administration; DB2 for OS/390 System Administration; SMPE Fundamentals; DB2 for OS/390 System Recovery (Read DB2/UDB for Unix Certification Guide. Read DB2 for z/OS Developer’s Guide 5th Ed. which covers DB2 V7 & V8).

Last CA Courses Taken: IDMS Internals; IDMS Performance & Tuning; IDMS Buffer Internals & Tuning; IDMS Web Access via TCP/IP; Datacom/DB Performance & Tuning; Various Platinum Oracle/UDB/DB2 Utilities Courses (Most Recent Experience CA-IDMS Release 16.0).

Reference Accounts include:

Fidelity Investments Corporation Las Colinas, Texas

  • Performed 24 x 7 IDMS DBA support functions including unload/reloads of 55 Customer Accounts databases, disaster recovery, applying database changes to support development utilizing most all IDMS utilities;

Greyhound Corporation Dallas, Texas

  • Converted all Fast Dump Restore JCL to DFDSS, maintained COBOL and ADS/O code and performed routine DBA functions;

USA Group Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Unloaded/Reloaded mega IDMS segmented databases, performed routine DBA functions for 24 x 7 on call support and database changes;

Central and Southwest Services Dallas, Texas

  • Installed and upgraded several IDMS CV's using SMP/E, including all interfaces to Tact Software, CICS, DB2 and mainframe Oracle, applied APARS as needed;

Origin Technology Dallas, Texas

  • Upgraded several IDMS CVs and supported an IDMS CAS Manufacturing Conversion to the latest release level;

Dana Corporation Ft. Wayne, Indiana

  • Principal Oracle DBA, converted all 6 byte IDMS CAS Manufacturing dates to 8 bytes for Y2K compliance using IDMS Restructure and Unlo/Relo utilities, corrected errant COBOL application code which was filling up database areas, trained new Oracle DBA;

GE Capital Corporation Stamford, Connecticut

  • Upgraded over 70 IDMS CV's for Y2K compliance, including security. Worked with applications people and IBM Global Services (Alpharetta, GA) to migrate data across mainframes using DFDSS;

Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Upgraded entire Test/QA/Production IDMS environment to IDMS Release 14.1, and helped upgrade Payroll application for IBM's Language Environment with application staff. This was OS/390 under VM using Panvalet as editor.

Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation Austin, Texas

  • Converted several Natural/Adabas batch programs to Cobol/IDMS and updated/tested various batch Cobol programs according to new release Specifications. Wrote Culprit programs to retrieve complex test cases for QA. Remotely upgrade 3 IDMS CV's from IDMS Release 10.0 to 14.1, including Security, for Y2K.
From April 1989 to May 1991.
GTE Directories Corp., D/FW Airport, Texas

Responsibilities: Performed Project Management functions within the DBA group and attended various Systems Project Management Courses such as the McDonnell Douglas STRADIS Systems Development Methodology course.

Performed capacity management, emergency database conversions and consulting support for DBA staff. Provided second-level critical support for various Integrated Database Management System (IDMS) Production Systems on a 24-hour on-call basis.

Represented GTE at Computer Associate's User Conventions (1989 Atlanta; 1990 Washington, D.C.).

From February 1985 to April 1989.
Electronic Data Systems Corporation, Plano, Texas

Responsibilities: Performed Technical Project Leader and Administrative functions such as leading weekly teleconferences with Project Managers and Systems DBA’s throughout EDS and was principal author of the IDMS Planning Guide.

Performed Corporate Software Systems Maintenance, Quality Assurance Testing, Distribution, and Consulting Support for the Cullinet Software, Inc. IDMS/R product line installed in MVS/XA/ESA environments at EDS data centers worldwide.

Gave technical presentations on Corporate Software functions and IDMS/R product capabilities for various groups within EDS. Performed consulting activities for the ADABAS and DATACOM DBMS software products.

Represented EDS at Cullinet Software User's Convention (1988 St. Louis). Received Systems Programmer Development Phase II Certification.

From June 1984 to January 1985.
Software AG Systems, Inc., Lakewood, Colorado

Responsibilities: Performed technical and management presentations for the sale of ADABAS, NATURAL, COMPLETE, and associated products. Ensured an adequate level of service and new product awareness at existing accounts.

From July 1981 to January 1983.
Software AG Systems, Inc., Lakewood, Colorado

Responsibilities: Performed customer support activities which comprised the resolution of Customer Request Logs for ADABAS, NATURAL, ADAMINT, and ADASCRIPT in MVS and DOS environments.



melito, resume, law, lawyer, systems programmer, database, trademarks, copyrights, dba, idms, db2, udb, oracle, patents, software

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